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Sing Out at The Dome 15th June 2017 

Young Voices - Sheffield Arena - Jan 17

On the evening of Friday 11th March 2016, we were privileged to take the choir to the Don Valley Music Festival at Sir Thomas Wharton Community College.

What a fantastic experience!

The turnout was brilliant, thanks to the wonderful support of our parents.  The children were beyond nervous to be stood on the huge stage in front of a very full and scary-looking audience, but stepped up to the plate and delivered a highly entertaining and lively set. 


The comments received were:

"The choir were well set-up on the stage.  Good actions from the start.  You have some VERY GOOD sounds; just need to have more confidence in the higher notes - good that the song had some higher notes today, though.  Work at those higher notes - you can do it!

Super rhythm here and really effective actions, confident performing - really singing to the audience. Front people very confidently "leading" but I saw those behind doing very well, too! Keep it up!"


All choir members to receive FOUR merits for a sterling job well done!