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Maths Mastery

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Mathematics Mastery is our next step in our commitment to teach an effective progressive programme which allows all children to succeed and become confident Mathematicians.


What is new about the Mathematics Mastery Approach?

None of the individual elements of the programme are ‘new’. They are tried and tested successful approaches that the best teachers and schools have been using for many years. However, what is special about Maths Mastery it is that it brings these approaches and techniques together in a rigorous and systematic structure.


The Curriculum

The Mathematics Mastery curriculum has been designed to ensure that every child can achieve excellence in mathematics.

Using the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach gives pupils the opportunity to understand what they are doing rather than just learning and applying routines.



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Key Features of the Curriculum are:

  • High expectations for every child
  • Number sense and place value come first.
  • Objects and pictures before numbers and letters
  • Problem solving at its heart
  • Calculating with confidence and an understanding of how it works.


Structure of a Lesson

  1. Do Now. 2. New Learning. 3. Talk task. 4. Develop Learning. 5. Independent task .6. Plenary
  2. It is this structure that means the lessons have pace and flow. It also allows more opportunities to teach creatively, give feedback and assess learning.


Maths Meetings

To ensure pupil confidence and skills remain high there is a daily Maths meeting which lasts about 10 mins. Here any misconceptions can be addressed and skills and knowledge kept sharp by quick paced questioning.

On this page there are also links to useful web sites that will help you support your child’s learning at home.




Maths Mastery Meeting 8.05.19

Programmes of Study