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YR Lumley

2. paint a self portrait - in the Autumn term we painted lots of pictures of ourselves in our topic, All About Me.' The children really enjoy revisiting this and enjoy adding details to their paintings: Sophie said, "I've even painted a plait because I have one in my hair today."

3. Plant some seeds and watch them grow: we planted seeds to grow beanstalks as part of our topic, 'At the Bottom of the Garden.'

4. Go on a Autumn walk. 

We went on a Autumn walk and found lots of useful and beautiful things. We found bright coloured, crispy leaves, pine cones,  twigs and we even dug up an Autumn swede from Forest School's vegetable patch. We then used these lovely pieces of Autumn nature to create art, potions and dens.  

5. Making leaf rubbings

After going on our Autumn walk, we used the leaves and wax crayons to make leaf rubbings. We looked carefully at how we could arrange the leaves underneath the page to fit more than one leaf on a page: Pippa Winfrow fitted the most leaves under her page by arranging 5 leaves neatly and rubbing carefully over to make a beautiful Autumn picture. We counted how many leaves we had on each page and wrote the number of leaves we had and we also practised writing some of our colours such as red.  

6. Make your own cookies

8. Visit a place of worship

Reception absolutely loved visiting church with their Year Six buddies for Harvest festival and Christingle. Vinnie Dyson said, "I love singing the songs, Shine Jesus Shine is my favourite." Seth Roberthshaw said,  "I liked it when we light the candles for God."

9. Perform a nursery rhyme 

Reception did amazing on Thursday 21st October as they completed their first performance as a class to their parents.  They sang beautifully and remembered so many actions: I was so impressed! 

10. Retell a story to an audience:  we loved telling the story of 'Whoops A Daisy Angel' at our Christmas Nativity show. We are also looking forward to retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk to our buddies in Year Six.  

12. Meet the school pets.  As a treat at the end of term we went to meet the school pets. We especially enjoyed stroking the guinea pigs and listening to their quiet squeaks.  

13. Help to release butterflies.  We are really enjoying monitoring the changes of our caterpillars. We are looking forward to them emerging as butterflies so we can release them and watch them fly.  

14.  Learn to ride a bike.  

15. Free objects trapped in ice 

As part of our super science week we made ice gardens. We went on an Autumn walk and chose a few items to place in our trays. We then filled the trays with water and placed the in the freezer. We then chose 5 different ways to free our items from the ice. 1. We wrapped the ice in a blanked to make it warm like the the sun in Summer.  2. We put warm water on it.  3. we left it out on the table to melt naturally.  4. We ran it under cold water.  5. We smashed it.  

16. We have loved dressing up this year.  We have dressed up for Comic relief, world book day and science week.  

19. Make a new friend

The children in Reception have settled in so well over the term and we have all met new people and made new friends.  We have talked lots about what makes a good friend in our circle times.  Annabelle Cooper and Hunter said, "We love playing together. We play mummies and babies." Olivia said, "I love playing with LLywelyn. He's my friend." We have also made new friends in our Year Six buddies.  

20. Visit Forest School. 

One of our favourite times of the week is when we visit Forest School. It's so much fun and we get to learn all about nature and the seasons and most of all we get to explore!