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Y4 Laughton

Welcome back!

A Happy New Year and welcome back to all of Laughton class. I hope everyone had fantastic rest and are fully recharged after the festive season. A massive thanks to all and everyone who was kind enough to have a word with Santa and bring me a gift over Christmas.

2019 has a lot in store for year 4. Our topic for this half term is 'A North American Road Trip.' This will involve learning all about the geography of North America and the World. Moreover, one stop off on our adventure will be looking at the history of North America by looking at Slavery. 

Maths for this half term will be exploring discrete data. We will be learning all about Pictograms,  Bar Charts and Time Graphs. Also, lets ensure year 4 have their dancing shoes on as in P.E. this half term we will be looking at different aspects of dance starting with Salsa.

Moving forward, P.E. will be on a Wednesday and homework will be set on a Friday for the following Friday. 


I am thoroughly looking forward to a fantastic start to the year!

Mr D

Laughton class working hard on their Science projects

Christmas Fayre with Laughton!

Year 4 decided that Christmas wreaths were the way to go. We designed and crafted some fantastic wreath decorations.

The children loved it!

More pictures to follow. 

Laughton's stall

Laughton Autumn term 2

Laughton have spent the build up to Christmas studying the topic 'Electricity: it's shocking!'

The children have been learning all about electricity, the different types of electricity and what appliances might use it. Moreover, we have put our investigation hats on and been looking at the affect the number of light bulbs will have on the brightness of the bulbs in a circuit. Images to follow!

This half term has seen Laughton turn poetic! We have written a Remembrance Day poem, a Limerick and a Viking-inspired Kennings. We have just starting looking at explanation text and will aim to write one of our own. This half term's Maths focus see us exploring multiplication and division.

Creative Homework

The children out did themselves and created some fantastic pieces of creative homework all focused around Vikings and Anglo-Saxons!

Homework & P.E.

Homework will be set to on a Friday and due on the following Friday. Children should be aiming for reading for around ten minutes a day.

P.E. Will be on a Wednesday and a Friday.