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YN Alderson

Mini beast Madness 06.06.19

How this works.....


This page will get updated with the different learning that takes place each term. I will put on key moments in order to share them with you. I will never delete anything but will update by writing new things at the top. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff.



Summer Term

Welcome back this week we are reading our whole school book ‘The princesses have a ball’ by Theresa Bateman.  This story is an alternative version of ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’. The princesses are not attending a traditional dancing ball, but taking part in a basketball game. We will be exploring different sports, sharing our own likes and interests. Also we will be making our contribution to the Tickhill Scarecrow Festival, which will remain a surprise!

This term we are learning about Minibeasts. We will be bug detectives, and be going on minibeasts hunts. We will be getting out in the fresh air exploring which minibeast are living in the nursery garden and also hiding around school.  The children will be helping to create different minibeast rhymes, to help us we will be reading the poetry book ‘Mad about Minibeasts’.  

On the third week we will be reading the story’ The Crunching Munching Caterpillar’. We will be welcoming some new additions our very own caterpillars, we will be able to watch them grow and wait for the magical moment when they turn into beautiful butterflies.


We have been learning about the Christian story ‘Easter’ and have made our own Easter Garden’.

Police officers

Three special visitors came to Nursery, to talk about the great job they do to keep everyone safe and help people. The children were able to try on the different helmets and were allowed to go in the Police van. The children especially enjoyed pressing on the flashing lights and turning on the sirens. Thank you to our special visitors the children had an amazing time.

Police visit

Flowers in Spring.

We have been on a Spring walk and also we have been finding out facts about plants. Plants have different parts, we learnt their special names and then labelled different plants. We have discovered that plants need sun, water and the soil (food) to help them grow.  Whilst out on our walks we found a letter from a fairy and we went on a fairy hunt. we found them hiding behind different flowers, lavender, daffodils and bluebells.


We have planted our own sunflower seeds. Now we are watching and waiting for them to grow.

Spring Term 2 
Welcome back after half term.
This term our topic is ‘Down in the woods’ and ‘Spring’
The children have shown a particular interest in farm animals and their young, we will be finding out the names of the baby animals that will be arriving in Spring.  Together we will be discovering facts about the animals that live on a farm and learning the similarities and differences between the farm animals. The children will be using key words such as hooves, feathers, horns, beak to describe the animal’s physical features.  We will be teaching the children about farm produce and how some of food we eat is actually made.  Also we will be using the farm ingredients eggs, milk, flour, butter to make pancakes and celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

On the 20th of March it is officially the start of Spring.
We are lucky to have our own outdoor area and a large school field. Therefore, the children will become nature detectives and explore the woodland area and spot the different plants, trees and animals. Later in the term we will be completing a fairy hunt trail. Furthermore, in small groups we will be going to visit the school chickens, our story of the week will be Dora’s eggs and Dora’s chicks.
On the last week of term there will be lots of Easter fun,  including songs,  craft activities and an exciting Easter egg hunt.Finally we will be going to church for the Easter service and as always all nursery children are welcome to attend the church service.

Spring Term 1.
Firstly the Nursery team would like to say ‘Happy New Year’ and thank you for all the your support during the last term the children had a wonderful start to school. Also we would like to welcome the children and families that are starting nursery this January.
Every half term information will be put on the  class page about children’s learning and experiences at school. Also we will be sharing special and key events that have taken place in nursery. Below is information about planned learning that is taking place over the next six weeks.
On the move is our theme in nursery this half term. The children will be starting the term discovering about different transport. Together they will be investigating how the vehicles move either on the water, land or up in the air. Whilst investigating the children will be learning about less familiar vehicles such as snowmobiles, excavators and rickshaws. They will also learn how transport is used around the world. During the first week the children will use a talking tub that is full of objects and pictures to spark curiosity and they will be able to ask questions. These questions and interests will be included in our research about transport. For example ‘Why do tractors have big wheels?’, ‘How does a ship get in the sea?’
Each week we will be learning about different vehicles and people on the move.
Week 1 Transport
We will be learning about different types of transport and finding out fun facts. Then we will be sorting the transport and deciding on whether they travel on the land , sea or in the air. Together we will be making our own roleplay area and have decided the reading area will be turned into a hot air balloon. The story of the week is ‘We all go travelling by’ and our song of the week is the Wheels on the bus.
Week 2 Emergency vehicles/ people that help us/ road safety
This week we will be finding out about emergency vehicles and how they help us. Also considering how other people use transport to help, such as postal workers who drive a van and deliver letters. Lorry drivers delivering food to supermarkets for people to buy or delivering food to peoples homes. A lollipop person helping people to cross the road. We will be discussing road safety  and how to keep safe whilst walking and travelling on bikes, scooters. Will be learning the Green Cross Code and how to stay safe near a road using stop think look and listen. Our story of the week is ‘Emergency’ and song of the week is  ‘Five little firefighters all in a row’. 
Week3 On the land
This week we are learning about transport that moves on the land. We will be decorating saltdough transport models we have made. Also we will be making a background for our model’s using transport sponge printing.  Using three different sized pictures of transport we will be ordering different transport by size or height. This week our story of the week is ‘Mad about diggers’ and song of the week ‘Down by the station’.
Week 4  In the sky
This week we will be exploring transport in the sky and finding facts to answer our questions. We will be learning about the female pilot Amelia Earhart and her extraordinary journey. Also we will be weaving paper to make hot air balloons and following instruction to make our very own paper aeroplane. We will also be learning about space. Our Story this week will be ‘All about space’  and the song of the week I’m a little aeroplane.
Week 5 On the water. Chinese New Year
This week we are learning about vehicles that travel on or under the water. The children are going to complete a science investigation on floating and sinking, then by exploring different materials make their own boat. The children will be learning about Chinese New Year and trying some traditional Chinese food. Children will develop understanding of Chinese traditions and culture . The story of the week is ‘Brilliant boats’ and the song of the week is Row, row , row your boat.
Week 6 Making moves.
This week we will be learning about different transport around the world. Also looking at transport that does not have an engine, fishing boat, horse and cart, husky sledging.  The children will use their imagination to make up a story using different transport. Every child in nursery will be using junkbox modelling to create their own transport and will be bringing it home to share with you. The book of the week is ‘The last stop on Market Street’ the song of the week is ‘Twinkle twinkle traffic light.’
The children always show such enthusiasm for show and tell so if they have any photographs, toys , books about transport please feel free to let them bring them so they can tell their friends all about them. 
Thank you the Nursery Team.

Welcome to Tickhill St Mary’s Nursery


The staff you will see in nursery


Miss North - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Bevington - Nursery Nurse

Miss Hopkins - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Towner - Teaching Assistant

Nanny Mags - lunch time supervisor