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YR Lumley

Letter to Reception returners dated 8 June

Welcome to Reception (FS2)


Here is how this page will work....


I will update this page with things you need to know, such as topics we are covering, important dates  or photos and I will always put the new content at the top. Please don't forget to scroll down however as I never delete the previous information.





Enjoy your summer my little lovelies! I hope you enjoy your break and I will see you in the new YEAR ONE!!! 




heartHome Learningheart


Please find below some activities and You Tube videos that you and your child/ren can enjoy to continue their learning.This topic work will change weekly but the other links will remain in order to learn and consolidate what your child knows.

I have added links, images and episodes of shows in order to keep you busy, including a free sign language course. These will stay each week in order to help consolidate your learning. Please remember to do your phonics (RWInc) everyday as little and often will help you remember them and assist your reading and writing.

Please scroll down for all of the activities as I keep updating them through out the week.

Anything you do, please upload it to Tapestry so we can see the fun that you have been getting up to!


Home Learners


To help consolidate the learning you have been doing this year I have attached these activity booklets and mats. Try to do a little per day to keep your mind ticking over! In class we are going to be focussing on floating and sinking so I have attached a sheet to help you predict what you think before trying it out. There is a short clip of the Minions on the beach which I have added. Can you describe what you can see after watching it? Just for fun!

heartHappy learning

Despicable Me 2 - Beach Minions

After watching this clip, can you describe what you can see on the beach? Try and add as much detail as possible.


Extreme Reading Challenge


Please can you all take a picture of yourself reading your favourite book in the most unusual place you possibly can? Make sure your grown up takes it in landscape and that I can see the book cover and your lovely face then pop it on Tapestry. Thank you to those I have already received!


Happy readingheart


Calling all Superheroes!


Next week we will be learning all about Superheroes; a favourite amongst the class! Which Avenger is your favorite, is it Hulk Smash or Captain America?! We will find out soon. We will talk about our favourite characters as well as designing our own. I have attached some work that you can join in with at home which includes making jetpacks and wrist bangles as well as lots of colouring and writing.I would like you to think about what  your super power would be if you were a Superhero. What would your name be and what would your secret power be? Maybe you can write it down and draw a picture of you in your super cool outfit!

Happy learning heart


For those of you at home, there are some phonics sheets for you to have a go at. Remember your sounds and see if you can fill the sound in, in the space provided. 

Happy learning heart




We will be learning all about Pirates during this week at school so I will be uploading work relating to Pirates just here. I also will upload a Talk 4 Writing piece also (not Pirate related) so I hope you enjoy! If your child is coming into school then please do not worry about doing any extra work with them as we will cover it in school and it will be recorded each day. If you are at home, then please continue uploading onto Tapestry and I will extend work where/if necassary.

Happy learning heart


Brenda's Boring Egg


This work is all around Brenda, the Mummy Duck who has a plain egg to get you ready and warmed up before we start our Journeys topic. The maths booklet at the end is being worked on during school so anyone who attends school this week will do it during class time. Some of this work has been competed by those in school, however I have added some more Literacy work for them to have a go at.

Happy Learning for those at home!


A New Term; Summer Term Two


I hope you all have had a lovely half term week and spent time relaxing with your families and in this beautiful weather! During this coming term we will see a slight change, with some children coming back to school while others stay at home.


We will be starting off with learning about Pirates; what they are and what they do and wear. We will listen to stories about them and have many creative fun activities to immerse you in their pirate ways...YAAARRRR matey!


In school, we will be reading the story Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham and Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake and focus on Journeys and Holidays. Throughout our time at school we will be focusing on play and creativity to ensure that we feel happy as well as to prepare ourselves for Y1 next year. We will concentrate on our numbers to 20 to ensure that we can write and represent them in and out of order, moving on to looking at adding and subtracting.


On here, I will post work which is similar as well as some slightly different work that you are able to access at home. I will continue to monitor Tapestry and look forward to seeing what you have been up to on there. Don't forget Cosmic Kids Yoga as well as Joe Wicks workouts or try and spend some time outside in this lovely weather. Oak Academy will also be continuing which is a great way to learn and don't forget the daily phonics lessons.


If you are coming into school then I cannot wait to see you! School will look slightly different than before and we will be split into two different classes with our normal class for one group of children and the other half being with Miss Belnavis in her room. You will access the same work and provision and have the same amount of fun!


See you soonheart


A New Term: Summer One


A new term has started... This term, I want to focus on Minibeasts and going on bug hunts as there will be lots of bees, ladybirds and caterpillars around.  Maybe even a few beautiful butterflies! Our text will be Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I have added a video of the story for you to listen to and perhaps do a book review on. Through this story we are going to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly as well as creating beautiful butterfly and caterpillar pictures. You can use your daily activity to go on bug hunts, counting the minibeasts you can see, exploring different places as well...what do you find hiding under rocks or in tree bark? Are they the same creatures that you find hiding in flowers and trees? Maybe you could photograph them (with your adult) and show me on Tapestry.

Don't forget your PE sessions with Joe Wicks each morning at 9am; I will be joining in as well with my two boys at home and school! Your daily phonics are also important, remembering to focus on one sound. If you haven't tried Set Two or Set Three, then have a go this term to challenge yourself and see what sounds you can remember and write down.

Remember do as little or as much as you want; this is a suggested idea of activities, and I am more than happy to see all the other exciting things you have been up to. 





Oak Academy


If you want to have a change to the work I have been putting on the Class Page, please feel free to go to Oak Academy .

To do this, head to the Oak Academy website:

Choose SCHEDULE then RECEPTION and select the day.


These lessons are geared towards our age children and they should be familiar with some of the work that is there. All of the work is split into lessons and there is clear progression to work on each day. 

Please be aware that I cannot look at this work or extend any learning, however this is an excellent tool should you consider to use it.

Happy Learning!


All in One Piece by Jill Murphy

Still image for this video
Mrs Large justs wants one night to feel like a movie star and leave the house all in one piece. But will she get one?

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Still image for this video
Once there was a boy, and the boy loved stars very much...


You're Not Ugly Duckling!


Below are two stories; one a traditional tale of the Ugly Duckling and the other a slightly different version all about Tufty in You're Not Ugly Duckling. I have then attached some work around the stories for you to have a go at. You will have a look at the life cycle of a duck, which you might be familiar to you if you remember learning about the life cycle of the caterpillar? There is some maths for you to do, which I hope you find fun!

Happy Learning!

You're Not Ugly Duckling

A different kind of story for a different kind of duckling!

The Ugly Duckling Read Along

A traditional tale...


Thank you!


Well, what a lovely surprise! I just love getting letters and yesterday, I got a lovely card from Reuben! How nice to hear from you and see your beautiful writing and your creative front cover! All of us teachers were very excited to open it up and see who it was from! (It caused quite a stir!!)

Thank you Reuben (and mummy!)

Made my day x


Calling all Artists!

The Travellers Rest is decorating and would like you to join them in creating masterpieces to be displayed in the windows in order to thank the NHS and Key Workers during this worrying time. Pieces need to be on A4 or smaller and have your name on the front. They can be dropped into the Pub directly or into the school office between 9-12am.


Happy Creating!


But Excuse ME that is my Book

Still image for this video
Charlie's little sister, Lola really loves books. At the moment there is one book that is extra specially special.

Geronimo by David Walliams

Still image for this video
Dreams really can come true...maybe by standing on your head!

Kicking a Ball by Allan Ahlberg

Still image for this video
What I like best, yes most of all, in my whole life is...


The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week...



Handwriting Paper


Book Review


If you like listening to my Storytime, then why not write a book review about your favourite book? Just download the guide below and fill it in. In the space at the bottom, you can draw something you remember from the book, then write a sentence starting 'I like the book because....' and tell me why you like the book. Once finished, pop it on Tapestry for me to read. Don't forget the other stories that I have read which you will have to scroll down to see.

I can't wait to read what you like!

How to Be a Lion

Still image for this video
You don't have to ROAR to be heard...
A story about a lion and a duck - and having the courage to be yourself.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

Still image for this video
On a tree in the woods, three baby owls, Sarah and Percy and Bill, sit and think and wait for their Owl Mother to come home.

Max at Night by Ed Vere

Still image for this video
It is way past Max's bedtime. He is very tired. He just needs to say 'Goodnight' to the moon...But where is the moon?


EAD: Easter Basket Competition


If you would like to design an Easter Basket then please do so and then send the entry by email to as well as posting on Tapestry. All entries will be judged and winners will be announced by Miss Matthews on the School Council page. Entries must be in by Monday the 13th so get designing!

Good luck and have fun x


EAD: Toilet Roll Challenge!


With every one running out of toilet roll, I thought that we could use the toilet roll tubes to good effect. Rather than it being household waste, these tubes fill me with imagination and creativity.

My challenge is that you create a model, using glue, paint or whatever you want, and then upload a picture of it on Tapestry. Make sure you tell me what you have used and why, and then I will will share them all with you so you can see your classmates efforts.

As I always say, your rubbish is my treasure! Happy creating!


Click on the document below which will show you all of the hard work your classmates has been putting into their Toilet Roll Challenge. Well done everyone who has taken part and I hope that more can be created!

heartHappy Easter Everyoneheart

Toilet Roll Challenge Pictures


PE (PD): Every morning Joe Wicks will be holding a PE session at 9.00 which he streams live on You Tube. This is something that the entire International Community has been joining in with, and he gives shout outs to children far and wide. Join him each day, in your kitchen or living room in order to get your fitness levels zooming!


Storytime with Mrs Kabesh


Storytime with Mrs Kabesh is here! 


These will be short stories read by me as I miss these sessions the most. Please see below!


I hope you enjoy!heart


Red; a Crayon's Story by Michael Hall

Still image for this video
Red the Crayon is red. It says so on his label. So why does he feel so blue?

Max the Brave by Ed Vere

Still image for this video
Max is a brave little kitten who only wants to chase mine...if he can find one.

Zog by Julia Donaldson

Still image for this video
Zog goes to Madam Dragon's school - but will he ever learn how to capture a princess?


Reading & Writing: Tricky Words and Sight Words Song Check out our printable phonics resources and online games! A tricky word/sight word song for children co...

Reading & Writing




Maths:3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "3D Shapes Song" - an upbeat, funky music video that shows various three dimensional shapes. Join our characters as they learn 4 ...

Maths: Numberblocks - Counting Backwards! | Learn to Count

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Learn how to count backwards starting from fifteen with the Numb...


Topic: Easter - Salvation and The Good Samaritan


I have added some work all about Easter. Use the Powerpoint to discuss with your child/ren what happens during the Easter time (Salvation) and discuss the feelings of those involved. (eg, 'how do you think Jesus felt when he carried the Cross?') in order to get them to think about others feelings.

They can used the attached handwriting paper to write some simple sentences, such as 'Jesus felt sad'. (The name Jesus you would have to help spell but the rest the children can do by themselves, using their phonics to sound out words.)

There is also work on the story of The Good Samaritan and a sensory story to help the children get involved. From here they are can write sentences about what they can remember.

Maths continues to focus on number order and counting, which we can never have enough of! Remember little and often is the key.

Please continue with the daily Phonics lessons, especially focussing on Set One and Set Two, but remember to challenge them with Set Three if you think they are ready. After these sessions, perhaps encourage the children to write some words down or a simple sentence using the sounds that they have been focussing on.

There are some creative (EAD) activities for the children to do as they go along also. Encourage them to tell you what colours they are going to use and why. Remember the toilet roll challenge too!


Happy learning!heart





Bored at home? No way!


Spring Term One


I hope that you have had a lovely festive holiday and are well rested!


We start the new year by discovering Space in our Topic, Out of this World! We will be reading How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers, which is a lovely story about a little boy who just cannot catch a star however hard he tries. Our Talk for Writing work will be based around Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy which follows Baby Bear who wants to fly to the moon in his home made rocket ship! We will start with our observatory visit coming to school which will be a great way to discover what is beyond our own Planet Earth. Our daily phonics continue learning more sounds and hearing as many as we can in order to write them down and our Maths continues working with numbers beyond 10.


A Little Nativity


Well done everyone for an AMAZING Nativity! Teachers and parents were so very proud of you all. Your singing was beautiful and brought a tear to everyone's eye. A massive WELL DONE to you all; your very first production at St Mary's!


World Nursery Rhyme Week


A huge thank you to all who supported the children and the Foundation Stage with World Nursery Rhyme Week. The children absolutely loved performing and they blew us all away with their confidence! Across Nursery and Reception classes, a breath-taking £360.00 was raised which we intend to spend on developing our small world and construction provision.


heartThank you againheart



Forest School


Choosing Our Own Learning


Autumn Term Two


During this term our topic is called I'm the King of the Castle! We will be reading The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight (Helen Docherty) which tells the story of the Knight 'Ned' who does not want to fight trolls or dragons, but is actually more interested in being kind and sharing books with his friends. Through this story we aim to teach to you can be whoever you want to be and be friends with anyone...even a naughty Dragon! During Literacy we will continue with our daily phonics sessions focussing on initial sounds and blending. This will help us when we explore an information text 'Can you Spot a Fire Dragon?' through Talk 4 Writing. Science will see us helping our friends as we rescue them from blocks of ice (could a dragon really be helpful?) and we will continue with Forest School. We are exploring numbers to 10 during Maths through songs., rhymes and manipulatives.

As soon as December hits, it is CHRISTMAS!!!! This means we will be performing A Little Nativity. This is the traditional tale of the Nativity performed through song and action. To prepare us for this, we will be Following the Star by taking a walk all the way to Bethlehem (a local farm) in order to take a visit to see Mary, Joseph and of course Baby Jesus surrounded by the lowing cattle. (12th December)


Godly Play Christening


Forest School Introduction Term One


The Daily Mile


Who are we???


Mrs Kabesh - Reception Class Teacher and SENCo

Mrs Powell - Reception Teaching Assistant extrodinaire

Miss Wildsmith - Reception Cover Teaching Assistant

Miss Thompson - SEN Support Assistant

Miss Smith - SEN Support Assistant

Gardener Towner - Reception Gardener

Mr Kirtley - Forest School Instructor

Miss Belnavis - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Bevington - Nursery Nurse



Autumn Term One


During this term we are going to ourselves through the topic All About Me! We will be reading the book Handa's Surprise in order to explore what being a good friend is all about as well as comparing where we live (The UK) to where Handa lives (Africa). We will be learning the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs through Talk 4 Writing strategies to encourage communication and language as this is a key area for the Early Years. We will start with our phonics programme, RWInc which we will do every day ensuring the children are exposed to correct pencil grips and letter formation. As well as this, we will practise countingsinging and exploring our new school environment.


I can't wait to get going, so I hope you feel the same!


Days to Remember


Monday afternoon - Forest School

Please bring wellies with names inside 


 Friday afternoon - Fitness Friday

Please ensure you have a PE kit with names in all items