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Year 3 - Hansby

Welcome to Year 3 - Hansby!



Hello!  We are the Year 3 class, also sometimes known as “Hansby”.  We enjoy singing, dancing, playing sport and acting.  Our favourite lessons are probably Art and DT, as we like being creative.


Our teachers are Mrs. Houghton (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Mrs. Evans (Thursdays and Fridays).  Mrs. Harman is our Teaching Assistant.  She is in charge of changing our reading books, and is very good at nagging us if we don’t change them often enough! 


Light and Sound

This term, we are learning all about Light, Sound and  - in true British style – the Weather! Within this, we will learn about circuits and conductors, sources of light and how we see and hear things.


Creative Homework

This term, we are being asked to look at extreme weather.  Our creative homework can be anything to do with an aspect of the weather which makes the news.  We can choose from hurricanes, avalanches, floods, tsunamis, tornados, heavy snowfall…this is not an exhaustive list!  Think about the impact the weather can have on human lives.  How does such weather alter the way the Earth looks?  What causes it?  These are just some ideas of angles you could take!  Think about finding reports or photographs. 



We do PE three times a week, and so we need our kits to be in school all week just in case the day changes because of the weather or because the hall is busy.  As it’s cold, we need a tracksuit (or jogging bottoms/ sweatshirt) for outside PE, but must have our black shorts and white t-shirts for gymnastics and dance lessons.  On our feet, we wear either pumps (plimsolls) or trainers, with socks to avoid blisters.  Long hair should be tied back.

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