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English Homework

Set 19/09/14  Due 26/09/14


Find the antonyms for these words

1. first

2. last

3. hot

4. like

Find at least 5 others.

Set 26/09/14   Due 3/10/14

Design a front cover for our class book 'The Great Kapok Tree' - Worksheet provided


Find three different ways to complete this sentence


The child breathed a sigh of relief however...

Set 3/10/14

Due 10/10/14

Complete the exercise on their, there and they're

Set 10/10/14

Due 17/10/10

Two,too and to - written exercise. Look on games page for 'Britain's Got Spelling Talent - Two, to and to'

Set 17/10/14

Due 24/10/14


Identify the prepositions in the sentence and make some sentences using prepositions.

Set 7/11/14  Due 14/11/14

Write a list of things you can see in the picture using a or an before the word.

Write three sentences which have a embedded clause in them.

Set 13/03/15

Due 19/03/15

Use of the apostrophe - worksheet

 Set 26/03/15

 Due 9/04/15

 Worksheet. Punctuate the passage correctly.

Set 16.04.15

Due 23.04.15


Using the picture of a street market write 5 different sentences starting in different ways

-ed,  -ly, -ing,  set the scene, give the time of day.

Set 30/04/15

Due FRIDAY 8/05/15

Worksheet revising use of was or were.

Set 30/04015

Due 8/05/15

Worksheet was/were

Punctuation posers

Set 8.5.15.

Due 15.5.15

Proof reading for punctuation errors. A printed passage to correct.

Set 4.06.15

Due 11.06.15

One Kid Crime wave Worksheet- finding persuasive devises such as emotive phrases.