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Computing at St Mary's


When planning and teaching computing at Tickhill St Mary’s Primary School, we believe that it is an essential part of the curriculum; a subject that not only stands alone but is woven and should be an integral part of all learning.  Computing is a significant part of modern life and children should be at the forefront of new technology, with a thirst for learning what is out there. Computing within schools can therefore provide a wealth of learning opportunities and transferrable skills explicitly within the Computing lesson and across other curriculum subjects. 

Through the study of Computing, children will be able to develop a wide range of fundamental skills, knowledge, problem solving and understanding that will equip them for the rest of their life.  


In our Foundation Stage, children are exposed to technology through tablets and interactive Smartboards.  

In Key Stages 1 and 2 the children follow a scheme devised by our Computing lead which covers the national curriculum as well as ensuring the children are equipped with everyday technological skills including the use of all Microsoft Office applications.  

Internet safety is at the forefront of all we do and is of paramount importance. We give children opportunities to work with outside agencies to scaffold their understanding and to support them to stay safe online.  

Where possible, children are given opportunities to apply their computing skills across the wider curriculum.  


After the implementation of this rigorous computing curriculum, children at St Mary’s will be digitally literate and able to join the rest of the world on its digital platform.  They will be equipped, not only with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively and for their own benefit, but more importantly – safely.  The biggest impact we want on our children is that they understand the consequences of using the internet and that they are also aware of how to keep themselves safe online. 

As children become more confident in their abilities in Computing, they will become more independent and key life skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking and self-evaluation become second nature.