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Y6 Foljambe

Hot write crib for poetry

Sharing what we are doing in lockdown

How to find percentage of amounts crib sheet

laughWelcome Y6 to your weekly learning w.c. 18.1.21 laugh


It is important to keep ourselves fit and healthy, try to ensure you take exercise everyday. 

P.E. -You can choose: P>E> with Joe Wicks › user › CosmicKidsYoga 

 Activefusion have offered the following:


PE Timetable with LIVE links Lockdown 3 Timetable v2 (



Reading books and records are available for collection/to be changed each Wednesday (beginning 6 January) between 9.00 and 11.00 at the school office.  If you have your own book at home to read please read and enjoy that one - don't forget to write in you reading record a review and comments as you read it through.angel  


Monday 18.1.21  See you on our Teams meeting 9.15

Word of the Day - go to Teams assignments

SPag - Spellings go to - Purplemash Y6 Spr1 week 3 quiz -  suffixes -cial or -tial (this will automatically save for me to check).

English - Go to the T4W unit Treasure on Teams.  Read introduction and model text and complete activity 1  (this will automatically save for me to check). 

Maths -

TT Rockstars 12 x tables

Science - Go to we are continuing our topic in science of light.

Worship - Go to our worship page (St Mary's School  Tickhiill, Our children - scroll down to Worship)


Tuesday 19.1.21 See you on our Teams meeting 9.15

Word of the Day - go to Teams assignments

SPag - Go to - Purplemash Football Time - using the passive

English - Go to the T4W unit Treasure on Teams.  Complete activity 2 underlying patterns of finding tales


TT Rockstars 12 x tables


Worship - Go to our worship page


Wednesday 20.1.21  See you on our Teams meeting 9.15

Word of the Day - go to Teams assignments

SPag - Go to - Purplemash Indigo's Game  - using the passive

English - Go to the T4W unit Treasure on Teams.  Complete activity 3 making a toolkit for suspense


TT Rockstars 12 x tables


Worship - Go to our worship page


Thursday 21.1.21  See you on our Teams meeting 9.15

Word of the Day - go to Teams assignments

SPag - Go to - Purplemash Flora's Trouble - semi-colons, colons and dashes 

English - Go to the T4W unit Treasure on Teams.  Complete activity 4 show not tell practice


TT Rockstars 12 x tables

R.E. We are looking at a unit on Islam go to

Worship - Go to our worship page


Friday  22.1.21  See you on our Teams meeting 9.15 Art - Ancient Greek pottery live lesson on Teams9Let's try this and maybe we can do other subjects)

Word of the Day - go to Teams assignments

SPag - Go to - Purplemash Box the verb - using verb tenses

English - Go to the T4W unit Treasure on Teams.  Complete activity 5 empty words

Maths -

TT Rockstars 12 x tables

R.E. Continue from yesterday go to

Art - Ancient Greek pottery live lesson on Teams

Worship - Go to our worship page

heartHave a lovely weekend everyone! heart


Other ideas - boredom is a state of mind only laugh

Please do send any photos or recounts of your activities so we can share them together on our class page.

  • Design and make some paper aeroplanes - use your DT knowledge, evaluate and improve.  How far will yours fly? In a straight line? Can yours do tricks in the air?
  • Paint pebbles from the garden
  • Got any old socks?  Make puppets, record and send it to us to put on our class page.
  • Have a dance-a-thon with a friend online
  • Make music - be inventive, recycle and make instruments, create a beat, write a song (like Charles did!) - use your knowledge of music so far- keeping the tempo and consider the dynamics
  • Got a garden? Go in it - what can you see? Can you make a daily log of birds visiting?
  • Recycle - do some junk modelling
  • Tidy your room!wink
  • Ask for a helpful job
  • Bake
  • Make a TV show - use lego or anything you can think of, record it on your phone
  • Have a think of something you can do!




Remote Learning


Following school closures, we have decided to make the children’s learning experience streamlined and as simplistic as possible. Therefore we will ensure that we upload content ready for Monday mornings. The Government advice is that primary schools should have approximately three hours of work per day. With this in mind, St Mary’s will concentrate on at least three areas of study per day which will vary from year group to year group and may change each week.

The work will begin from tomorrow Wednesday 6th January.


To supplement your child’s learning, we will be offering CGP books at a significantly discounted price which the office will need to know by Friday the 8th January. These books have been handpicked by the teachers in order to best support the needs of the children. These are available via the school office.


Books for Year 6

KS2 Ancient Greeks Targeted Study and Question Book - Y6 (code HEB21) £3.50 each payment to the school office by Parentpay please

Reading Comprehension Y6 Study and question book (code EGC21) £1.85 each payment to the school office by Parentpay please


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your class teacher through their regular Gmail address.

Happy Learning heart

EEF - Supporting daily routines

Still image for this video
Here is useful video for you to watch, it will help you to plan and organise your day as you learn from home.

Here is a document that will help you plan your week, after you have watched the video.

Welcome Super Six to your class page


 Happy new year and welcome back to our Spring 1 term. We started back together on Monday 4th January, now it's all change! School is still a little different to what you remember due to Covid-19 changes, but it is still your school.  We will be starting at 9 a.m. and finish at 3.00 p.m. for those who will be in school.  Please do read the return to school guidance that has been forwarded on parentmail.   You only need to bring your P.E. kit and your packed lunch if you have one.  If you are learning from home please check this class page each day for work set, please submit work using gmail or direct onPurplemash if appropriate.


As I write and look out of the window this time there are a few green shoots of spring bulbs starting to poke through the soil (a symbol of hope). In our Spring 1 term our topic is science based.  "What's it like  inside me?" explores the human circulatory system, how we can use exercise to be healthy and the affect of alcohol and drugs on our body. We are going to swap our topics so we can do this science one together in the summer term.  We are going to focus on the ancient Greeks and what they gave that has influenced our own society today. In English we will use Talk for Writing units to enable us to produce further pieces of writing.  In maths we will begin with percentages. This half term we will continue a music unit.   P.E. will be joining Joe Wicks and/or some kid's yoga (should be fun).  In science we are also building on our previous knowledge and investigating light.


P.E. will be Monday and Thursday but please ensure you keep your kit in school all week as we may have other opportunities.


Homework will be given on a Friday to be returned the following Thursday, we will mark this together as a learning curve.


If parents need to contact me, please email me via


Antibullying Week 2020. This year's theme is United Against Bullying. Odd sock Day reminds us that diversity is the one true thing we all have in common

Children in Need day - including a dinosaur! Thankyou for your donations to this cause.

Elf antics in Foljambe. The elf has arrived - I wonder what mischief he will get up to?

Remembrance Service


Y6 wrote some war poems for our Remembrance service.  Although we couldn't have our usual service in school, to which you would have been invited, we still had a short service of respect in our bubbles on the playground.  We decided in Y6 to record our own service and here is a link for you to watch it.  Please note that the service continues after the two minute silence.  We hope you enjoy.

Good morning Super Six!

Here is your learning for Monday 2 November 2020.  I hope you have all had a lovely restful week and are ready to learn again.


Monday - Word of the Day Challenge: What word class does the word belong to? Can you use it in a sentence, find an antonym and a synonym? - Abyss


Spag - Go to Purplemash 2Do -  Y6 AUT2 WK2 - Quiz.  It's Monday so it's spellings! laugh  We are looking at those double consonants - keep practisingwink


Maths -  Let's put our previous learning into practice: click here -


English - Today is our cold task for our new unit on poetry.  Go to Purplemash 2Do: autumn poem, watch the short video then write your autumn poem cold task.  I can print them off for our books.yes


Reading - Go to Purplemash 2Do - Read The Time-Lock Adventure, 7 small pieces culminating in you writing a book review.  I will print them off for our books.yes 


Foundation subject - Science: Go to Purplemash: electrical symbols pairs game and then to:create an electrical safety


P.E.  Joe Wicks on You Tube doing P.E.  and join in the comfort of your home.  You'll feel better for it!  You could try Cosmic Kids yoga for a change -or as well as..  If the weather is good today get outside in the garden or yard and exercise. Fresh air and off the screen! What can you collect ouside?  If you are able to go for a walk with an adult what autumnal items can you collect?  Make a list and send it in.  Can you sketch one of the items in detail?smiley


Rockstars timestables: This week practice 12 times tableslaugh


Don't forget, if you haven't completed your half term creative homework yet you could do some more today!smiley


Y6 creative homework - please find attached your creative homework grid. A copy was also sent home. Please take a photo or send as an attachment to your class teacher.  We ask that you do not bring it into school.  Enjoy getting creative!

Dates for your diary:


Monday 2nd November  - return to school


Transition - we buried a time capsule