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All is not well in Fairyland and Tales of Red Scarf

It was a bright, peaceful and quiet day as Miss Muffet sat under a breezy tree eating her  delicious curds and whey. However,  little did she know that something or someone was spying on her ... something that meant her harm .

She happily spooned her divine, creamy curds and whey savouring every mouthful.

Slowly,something crept down from the swaying branches of the  tree. It swiftly  skimmed her rosy cheek . Miss Muffet thought it was just the breeze but was it?

Suddenly, that something fell onto Miss Muffet's shoulder . Turning her head she stared into its vermilion eyes . Its fangs slowly appeared ...

EM and ME



The little goat trembled as he took his first timid step on the rickety bridge.The sky was empty and a light grey colour.As the small goat took another timid step there was a quiet grunt from under the bridge.The goat shivered.Were the rumours true?

He took more steps...THEN the bridge shook.  He couldn't hold on, the little goat fell into the swampy water...He tried to scramble back onto land. Suddenly, something or someone grabbed onto his tail. The little goat let out an ear-piercing screech...

As the confused little goat looked up he saw a grotesque creature staring into his petrified eyes.The slimy creature grunted something and put the poor goat into a steaming,scorching pot...The only noise was the popping bubbles. 

MF and LK



Without thinking, Goldilocks opened the creaking door and stared longingly into the towering house. Interested, she crept into the house silently lured in in by the wonderful smell of the spectacular porridge. Her head told her to have one just one little mouthful but her heart chose the whole thing and of course she stuck with her dark gloomy heart. Horrified ,too late she realised that the porridge was scolding hotand in shock she dropped her scorching spoon .Dare she try another bowl? She tried, but paid the price, it was still too hot. However, the last bowl was different...

TH and PC.



The little girl walked through the gloomy, pitch black, creaky woods, not knowing where to go. Suddenly she heard a twig SNAP! behind her. The girl trembled and turned around, however nothing was there. So she carried on walking, she heard it again. Although it was different. Someone or something was scratching on a dead tree. She started running through  the woods, and found a lovely little cottage.

There was a little surprise waiting for her...
On the outside she felt brave to go into the cottage, (but inside she felt not so sure.) What should she do?

Cautiously, she turned the creepy door handle, and heard a creak as she opened the door. She was surprised at what she saw...
She thought she was dreaming.

She went inside to find, cobwebs, broken bits of wood, and most deadly of all SKELETONS! Suddenly she fell straight through a hole into a library full of ghosts. She tapped a ghost on the shoulder. The ghost screamed, so she toppled over.

She ran through a door into a room with three mirrors. There were bears in each mirror. How peculiar.  Suddenly, the girl saw that these were real bears.

The last that could be heard of the girl was her dreadful scream of horror...

AL and KCL




Jill's hands trembled in Jacks  as they crept silently up the dark, misty hill.As they reached the top of the hill the mist parted and they could see the old, broken well with it's creaking bucket hanging from the rope like a broken doll.

Out of nowhere, a dark shadow appeared and Jack fell head first onto a broken jagged brick, gashing his head horribly.Grabbing his head, he began to roll uncontrably down the hill.Terrified, she ran after her brother.Suddenly she fell.The mist closed in as the children rolled out of sight...



The handle of the metal pail merrily clanked as Jack and Jill set of up the steep path to the top of the hill. The sun beamed  down on them, although a shiver went down Jack's back as Jill dropped the bucket with a big thud. Terrified Jack froze . In  an  instant it became darker  Jill's hand shivered ,as clinging on to the steel bucket , every thing became colder .What was it?   




The three little pigs were trembling as they heard the vicious snarl of the Big bad wolf through the unstable creaky door. Huffing, puffing and down the house fell. The three little pigs dashed for their little lives. Through the forest, past the trees and through the door of the third little pig's house. Had the wolf followed them?

At that moment, they heard a deafening bang on the door .Silence struck the room. Had the wolf got in? Suddenly they heard a louder snarl...     

WW and AC