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Hello Nursery, 


I hope you are all safe and well! Mrs Bevington has been having lots of fun in nursery with all of the children. There are only two weeks left before the summer break so in nursery we will be doing lots of fun activities next week! 


At home this week I want you to continue recapping your phonic sounds ans attempting to hear say and write the initial sounds. In nursery we have also been practicing our Fred talk with simple CVC words such as pin, tip, tap etc. 


In Maths this week we have set up a seaside shop for the children to explore money. Perhaps you could have a look at what coins you can find at home. Here are some suggested activities you may like to do at home with money;

  • You could do some rubbings with the coins, can you name any of them? 
  • Explore language of money by playing shops with your grown-ups or siblings
  • Go on a treasure hunt. What coins did you find? What do you notice about them?
  • Can you group the coins? How could you do this? Colour? shape? size?



Have a fantastic week 


Miss Belnavis xx


Good Morning, 


I hope you have had a lovely week! Reports went home last week, I hope you have all enjoyed reading them and celebrating your child's achievements. I have posted this weeks learning on Onedrive. 


Have a super week 


Miss Belnavis

Good Morning and Welcome back to some of you.

Mrs Bevington has had a lovely week with you and I have enjoyed being able to see you from across the classroom.

This week we will continue to learn about Paddington Bear and focus our learning around the seaside. I will upload the home learning plan after school however you may wish to start today by looking at photographs of the seaside. Can you attempt to draw or paint your own seaside picture?


Have a lovely week in the sunshine xx

Letter to Nursery returners dated 8 June

Good Morning🌸


I hope you are all staying safe and well! It is nice to finally see some small steps back towards the new normal. For this week and next I will put some different activities onto OneDrive for the children to complete which may or may not link to our topic. As of next week we will be starting to welcome some children back into school and so I would like the home learning to be in-line with what we are doing in school. 


I hope you have a lovely week and we look forward to seeing some of you soon!


Love Miss B 


Summer Term Two


I hope you all have had a lovely half term week and enjoyed the glorious sunshine! How fortunate that we have been able to have this lovely weather. Our new topic this half term is all about the the seaside, holidays and journeys. We will be sharing stories such as; Paddington a day at the seaside, The Snail and the Whale, the Rainbow fish and finally some pirate stories!


On here, I will post work which is similar as well as some slightly different work that you are able to access at home. I will continue to monitor Tapestry and look forward to seeing what you have been up to on there.


If you are returning to school this term we are very excited to see you all! Although the classroom and daily routine may be different to usual, we will ensure that we have lots of fun things for you to do!


Keep a look out for home learning 


Love Miss Belnavis x



Good Morning, 


I hope you are all safe and well. Mrs Bevington and I are missing you all very much but have enjoyed looking at your home learning again this week. I will post some of the photos below for you to see. This weekend I have been busy around the house, cleaning and decorating! Yesterday I went on a lovely adventure. We walked along a stream and came across a waterfall. We decided to have a picnic and enjoy the views! I hope you have all managed to enjoy the outdoors too!


I have uploaded week 5 learning on the One Drive. This is the last weeks home learning until after half term. 


Lots of love 


Miss Belnavis x


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Good Morning Everyone, 


I hope you have had a lovely week and managed to enjoy the glorious sunshine that we had! I have loved seeing all of your home learning and I will share some more photos later on today for you all to see. 

I have updated the learning plan on the drive. It is in summer week 4. Have lots of fun and stay safe. 


Love Miss Belnavis xx

Good Morning Nursery, 


I hope you have had a lovely week of home learning. Mrs Bevington and I have really enjoyed seeing all of your learning on Tapestry and I think your grown-ups are doing a fantastic job with you all! I thought I would share some of the lovely home learning that has gone on this week and a lovely video message to a friend in the slideshow below. 


I have updated the weekly learning via link. We are currently on Summer-week 3. 


Have a fantastic week, stay safe and keep on smiling. 


Miss Belnavis xx


Still image for this video

Home Learning

Hello Everyone, 


I hope you are all keeping well and keeping your spirits up. Mrs Bevington and I have been into Nursery last week and have been working hard on our outdoor area. Mrs Bevington has made lots of lovely bunting to brighten up the outdoors for when you return. We have also been painting our seating area around by the stage smiley I think you will love it!


Thank you for all the fantastic home learning that is going on. I will start to share some of it on this page next week. I have uploaded this weeks suggested planning activities on OneDrive. Have lots of fun and Stay Safe!


We miss you all very much 

Love Miss Belnavis xx



🌷 Summer Term One 🌷


Good Morning Nursery, 


I hope you are all staying safe and well and all had a wonderful Easter break! Did the Easter Bunny bring you lots of tasty eggs? He remembered to visit me too, I have eaten far too many!


Our topic for this half term is 'At the bottom of the Garden'. During this topic we will focus on Minibeasts and use our imagination to think about who else may live at the bottom of the garden. I will post your weekly activities on the shared drive on the link below. The activities will be in Summer One week one and so on as the weeks go by. Please share what you have been learning via Tapestry. If you have any questions or queries then send me a message on Tapestry and I will support in any way possible. 


Don't forget your PE sessions with Joe Wicks each morning at 9am. 



Have a fantastic week


Miss Belnavis xx



Good Morning Nursery, 


I hope you are all safe and well. We have now broken up for the Easter holidays, all be it different to usual. We will not be setting home learning tasks until Monday 20th April but please feel free to share any fun that you may be having. Try to make the most of time with your family. Bake buns, play in the garden, enjoy the sunshine, colour, paint, play games and much more. 


Have a wonderful Easter and let's hope the Easter Bunny comes to visit. smiley

Week Two Home Learning 


Hello Nursery. I hope you are all ok and are enjoying spending this special time with your family. We have been looking at some of the things that you have been doing at home with your grown-ups. Well done for sharing what you have been learning at home with us, we are missing you all very much.


This week in Nursery we would have been focusing on Easter activities. We have been learning about this in school but it would be useful to re-visit the Easter story. Some resources are available on the one drive link under Week Two



Creative Activity 


Can you boil an egg with your grown-up and then decorate it? You could then try to make a parachute for your egg. Drop it from a height (with your grown-up) and see if you can stop your egg from cracking. 

Why not also think about the changes that happen when we boil an egg. Is it still runny? Why not? What happened? 


Design an Easter Bonnet 


Use a paper plate or some cardboard to design an Easter bonnet. Use materials around the house or paint/pens etc to design your own Easter Bonnet. 




Can you draw an Easter picture. This can have lots of different things which we associate with the celebration such as a cross, chicks, eggs etc. Try to label your picture with the initial sound or attempt to write the dominant sounds in each word. Some of you could even write a short caption e.g. This is a cross. Make sure that you hold your pencil correctly between your thumb and two fingers. 




It is important to keep re-visiting our taught phonemes by saying the pure sound. Ruth Miskin is doing a daily speed sound lesson which will support with this. Please click this link to access this.


The children should re-visit set one and not move onto set 2. 

In addition to this focus on hearing and writing the initial sound in words such as c for cat, s for sun, t for tin etc. This should be done alongside oral segmenting (Fred talk) p-a-n pan.


Have a fantastic week and don't forget to share any home learning via Tapestry.


Miss Belnavis x 



Good Morning Nursery, 


I have uploaded some information on Tapestry and also on the link to the Onedrive folder. As you know routines are so important for children as it helps them to feel secure and less anxious. I have uploaded a suggested daily routine which may be useful and can be adapted to suit each family. This can be found in the home learning folder on OneDrive and on Tapestry where I will also be posting weekly resources and tasks.




We are currently working on oral segmenting and blending. This is when the children separate the sounds in words such as pat, p-a-t and then blend it back together to say pat. The children know this as Fred Talk (the little green frog used as part of phonic lessons). Alongside this some children are working on hearing the initial sound in words whilst others are trying to hear and write all 3 sounds in CVC words such as pan. Try to do this with your child daily to keep their routine going. The sounds that we have already learnt are m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k.


The children enjoy watching Geraldine Giraffe. He finds objects around the house beginning with different sounds. Why not try this at home and share it with us on Tapestry? Here is the link...


Please, please make sure that you use Tapestry to share learning and communicate with us so we can see the fun that you have been getting up to at home!


Miss Belnavis x


Home Learning in the Event of School Closure


**Please post any completed activities via tapestry so that we are able to comment and advise of next steps**


Please see below a link to resources and activities which you could complete with your children in the event of school closure. There are lots of different activities which can be done at home and in addition to this I will share suggested phonics and maths activities which can be done on a daily basis for short periods of time.





Please ensure that you count with your children, look at numbers and shape on a daily basis. This can be done it lots of fun ways with some suggested ideas on the link below. 



Please revisit the following taught phonemes on a daily basis;


m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k. 


We are currently working on listening for the initial sound in words and practising our Fred Talk (Oral segmenting). This is where we separate the sounds in words such as c-a-t, cat. 





The Three Little Pigs 



This week we have introduced our topic Once Upon a Time and started this by reading The Three Little Pigs story. So far we have read and sequenced the story using a story map which we created. We have retold the story using the map and actions to support.


In our provision we have enjoyed lots of imaginative play based on the story, particularly in the small world and the home corner. In the painting area we have begun to paint our own pigs and practised colour mixing 'pink' for the pigs.




This week we have learnt the letter sound c.



Thank you to everyone who has brought in books for our 'book swap box'. We are hoping to have this ready for children to use from Monday. This is a lovely way to keep children engaged and enjoying reading books at home so please do use it. 





World book day dress up is on Friday 6th March.






Spring Term Two

Once Upon a Time...


Welcome Back! We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready for the next half term.

Our next topic is called Once Upon a Time and is all about Traditional Tales. We will be sharing lots of different traditional tales in class and we will look in depth at The Three Little Pigs🐷🐷🐷, The Gingerbread Man 🦊and Goldilocks and The Three Bears🐻🐻🐻


As part of this topic we will be engaging in lots of story telling, sequencing and using lots of story language including repeated refrains. We have transformed our home corner into the Three Pigs house and our construction area is now a Three Pigs building site. We also be doing lots of different experiments including looking at different materials. If we are really lucky Mrs Bevington may help us to bake our very own Gingerbread men! When we begin to learn about the Three Bears we will also be trying different kinds of porridge to see which we liked the best. 


In Maths will will continue to reinforce careful counting, 1:1 correspondence, number recognition and shape. We will also continue to look at measurement and begin to look at height. 


In Phonics we will continue to listen carefully for the initial sounds in words and begin to orally segment and blend the sounds in words for example cat c-a-t. We call this Fred Talk and use our special friend Fred the Frog to support us in this. 


Dates to Remember 


Please note that all dates are subject to whether your child attends nursery on that day. 


Friday 6th March- World book day. Children may come dressed as their favourite story book character, this does not have to be  a character from a traditional tale although it would be lovely to extend our topic. 


Friday 20th March- Mothers, aunties and Grandmas lunch day


Thursday 2nd April- End of term church service 2pm 


Friday 3rd April- School closed for INSET Day


We are really excited for the next half term, we are going to have so much fun! 


Miss Belnavis and Mrs Bevington x


Chinese New Year


We have loved learning about Chinese New Year over the past couple of weeks. The children have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the Chinese culture. The children have made lanterns, found out so many interesting facts, tried some Chinese food, recreated a dragon dance, mande their own dragons and so much more!


Here are some of the things that the children had to say about what they had learnt:


'They go to special Chinese school'

'The eat noodles and crackers, I sometimes have them at home too' 

'They clean the house to get rid of bad things'

'The watch a parade' 

'They do a dragon dance'

'Red is a lucky colour' 


Number of the week


Our number of the week this week is the number 8. Please continue to count carefully with your children at home and also to recap on the recognition of the numbers that we have previousluy learnt. The rhyme for the number 8 is as follows:


'Make a s and go straight home, make a s and go straight home,

make a s and go straight home to make the number 8'.





In phonics we have begun to learn some phonic sounds over the past few weeks. The sounds that we have learnt are 

m, a , s, d, t, i, n, p. 

We have used the Jolly Phonics songs and actions to support the children in remembering each phoneme/ grapheme. We use this alongisde the read write Inc letter formation rhymes and picture flashcards. Please click the link below for all of the jolly phonic songs and actions.


Example: m Action=children rub their tummy

Formation rhyme Maisy, mountain, mountain


In addition to this we have continued to learn about rhyming. We have sang lots of nursery rhymes and also played games to find words which rhyme with one another for example bat and cat. We are starting to hear the rhyme in words. 

Rhyming is an extremely important aspect of reading and it is a skill that is difficult to grasp. Please support your children by singing nursery rhymes and playing rhyming games as part of your daily routine. 

🐉 Chinese New Year- The Year of the Rat 🐀



This week we have been finding out all about Chinese New Year. We have looked at the celebration and some of the traditions which take place. In class we have spoken about how these traditions are similar to and different to how we celebrated Christmas and New Year. 


We started out by sharing the Chinese New Year story 'The Great Race'. We then watched the following videos on how they prepare for Chinese New Year and how they celebrate:


This week we have created our own Chinese Dragons in the creative area. We had to try really hard and take our time as we created our own concertina dragons by folding two pieces of paper over one another. Some of us also had a go at making our own Chinese Lanterns 🏮.


We have also done some Chinese food tasting. We had vegetable stir fry, spring rolls and some prawn crackers. We thought it was yummy!


Number of the week 


Our number of the week is number 7.

Please continue to revisit previously taught numbers at home. 




In Phonics this week we have continued to look at phase one rhyming words. We have also begun to learn some phase 2 phonemes over the past few weeks. 

We have started listening for the initial (first) sound in words. 

m, a, t, s, d, i, n




Spring One- Wonderful Water


smiley Happy New Year smiley


Hello and welcome back. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year and are ready for the term ahead!

Our new topic is called 'Wonderful Water'. This topic will be full of fun experiments and investigations and finding out just how wonderful water is! We will be posing questions such as 'Where does water go?' as well as focusing on some key texts such as 'The Rainbow Fish' and 'The Singing Mermaid'. 


In Maths we will be looking at recognising numerals, representing them and finally, capacity where we will be making magic potions with wonderful water. 

smileyMerry Christmas smiley


What a jam packed couple of weeks we have had in nursery. We have had so much fun leading up to Christmas and we haven’t had a minute to spare.

We have loved preparing for Christmas and learning all about the Christmas story. We started out by sharing the story and then we began to learn the songs for our nativity before performing it! We have also loved acting out the Christmas story in our small world area. We have really enjoyed our learning based around the story 'All I want for Christmas'. During circle time we have spoken about the meaning of christmas and giving. Here are some of the children's responses;


'When we get ready for Christmas we decorate the house'

'My daddy hasn't put the tree up yet, but it will go up later'

'We have decorations outside on our roof;

'I would like a red car for Christmas' 

'I would give presents like they did to baby jesus'


As part of our learning, we recieved a letter from the penguin in our story asking us to help him to free his friends from the ice! We loved exploring the ice and investigating how to free the penguins. We found out that placing the ice into the water helped the ice to melt faster!


We have also been very busy getting creative and making our Christmas cards and calendars...


We have loved dressing up...


And wrapping presents...


Creating our own Christmas biscuits...


In maths we have been learning numbers from 1-6. Please continue to embed these at home and when out and about with your child. Try finding numbers in the environment, representing numbers (on fingers etc) counting carefully to different numbers, counting claps, jumps, hops etc. Why not upload their achievements onto tapestry for us to see in school!


Our next topic will be, Wonderful Water!


Finally, Mrs Bevington and I would just like to say how proud we are of all the children in nursery at the end of their first term. They have already achieved so much including 2 performances in front of their grown-ups. We laugh and smile every day and feel privileged to be teaching such wonderful children. Have a very merry and restful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a fantastic break with your families and we look forward to seeing you in January and of course, hearing about all the gifts that Santa has brought.

See you in 2020! x






Someone has been sneaking around Nursery this week...

Still image for this video

Kipper's Birthday


This week we have continued to find out about birthday celebrations. During circle time we have spoken about giving and receiving and related this to our own experiences. We have had our own birthday celebrations in our home corner and created our own party hats for the occasion.

We have also been extremely busy learning our nativity songs and they are already starting to stick! We have prepared for our Christmas fayre by making Reindeer food and special Christmas biscuits with Mrs Bevington!




Our number of the week is number 4. The rhyme is as follows;


‘down, slide, chop in half, down, slide, chop in half, down, slide and shop in half to make the number 4’.




Please remember that the parental observation board is now up and running and you should have all received a parent mail about this. These observations are ongoing and should contribute to your child’s learning journey in school. There is no expectation to do a specific number of these observations we just ask that this is a continuous process to support the holistic picture of your child’s learning journey.


Panto… We cannot wait for Friday and our Christmas Panto, Cinderella! Please don’t forget that if your child attends nursery all day they will require a packed lunch on this day.


Next week


Next week we will be continuing our Celebration Topic by moving on to all things Christmas! We are super excited to start getting ready for Christmas and get into the Christmas spirit! We will be reading the story ‘All I want for Christmas’ By Rachael Bright.



Kipper's Birthday  W/B 18.11.19


This week we have shared the story Kipper's Birthday! We have really enjoyed reading the story and talking about our favourite part. We have spoken about the main characters of the story and recapped what happened in the story. 


We have been making birthday cards for Kipper...


Designing our own buns in the dough area...

Carefully counting out candles to match the numeral on each cake in our maths provision...


Decorating presents in our Funky Fingers...




Number of the week


Our number of the week this week has been the number 3. Some of us are secure with this and some of us are still learning how to respresent and recognise the numeral. Our rhyme for number 3 is as follows;


'Swing it round and then once more, swing it round and then once more, swing it round and then once more to make the number 3!' 


Why not have a go at home?





Red group

We have begun to look at rhymes and rhyming words. We have played lots of different games and we are beginning to hear the rhymes in some words such as cat, hat and bat. 


Blue, Green and Yellow Groups

This week in phonics we have continued to discriminate different instrumental sounds. 




Our Christmas Fayre will be held on Friday 29th November from 2pm onwards in the KS2 Hall and surrounding classrooms. Please collect your child from nursery at 2pm if you wish to take them to the Christmas Fayre. You may take your child home once you have finished looking around. 


We will be heading to church on Wednesday 4th December at 2pm for our Christingle service. If your child attends nursery on this afternoon we would be grateful for any parent/carers to supervise their child whilst at the church. 


Tapestry- Please remember to follow the activation link via the email sent in order to activate your account. Failure to do this will result in your account being automatically de-activated. We greatly value your contributions however big or small so please upload observations/ achievements as often as you wish as this helps to build a better picture of each child's learning and development. 


Thank you 


A huge thank you to all who supported the children and the foundation stage with World Nursery Rhyme Week. The children absolutely loved performing and they blew us all away with their confidence! Across nursery and Reception classes, a breath-taking £360.00 was raised which we intend to spend on developing our small world and construction provision. Thank you again!




*_* Diwali *_*


What a busy week we have had in nursery! This week we have continued our celebrations topic by learning all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light!


We have been finding out all about the celebration and here is some of the things that we found out:


'They light lots of candles'


'They buy new dresses'


'They decorate their doors'


'They buy special food'


'They let off lots of fireworks'


We have made our own firework pictures and created some Rangoli patterns. 


We have also taken the time to discuss being a good friend for 'anti-bullying week'. We have thought about what a good friend looks like and how we can ensure that we are all good friends at St Marys. The children have also enjoyed designing 'odd socks' to show that everyone is different!




Our number of the week has been number two! We have learnt a little rhyme to help us to remember it and to show us how to write it. 


'curl it round and then go right, curl it round and then go right, curl it round and then go right to make the number two'.


We have counted two objects carefully, looked at how to represent the number two in a variety of ways using fingers, hands, number, dots etc. Ask your child if they can show you this at home!


Next week 


We will move our topic learning onto birthday celebrations! We will be sharing the story Kipper's birthday and engaging in lots of fun activities such as; making birthdays cards, baking buns for Kipper, Counting candles for his cake and much more!




Please remember to return the Tapestry e-mail consent forms so that we can ensure every parent/carer has access to this. Please place any achievements or home learning opportunities on Tapestry so that we can access these in school. Parental observations are a fundamental part of the Early Years Foundation Stage and we greatly value your contributions.


We now have home learning challenges available for parent/carers to do with their child/children at home if they choose to. These can be found on the parent notice board in the classroom. 


Wednesday 20th November- Nursery and Reception will perform their nursery rhymes for World Nursery Rhyme Week. Parent/carers are much welcome to join us to watch the children's performance. Please remember to bring any sponsor money on the day. Drop off will be as normal. We then ask that parent/carers wait at the main office before being brought through to the KS1 hall by a member of staff.  



Image result for firework images



Welcome back. We hope you have had a fun filled half term and are ready for the term ahead!


During this term our topic is called Whizz, Bang, Pop! We will be learning all about different celebrations and traditions including Bonfire night, Diwali and Birthday celebrations. We will be reading a range of non-fiction texts to support with our learning alongside some fiction books such as 'Happy Birthday, Hugless Douglas' and 'Kipper's Birthday'.

In phonics we are now moving on to Phase One Aspect 2- General Sound Discrimination- Instrumental Sounds. The children will work through this aspect in small groups where they will engage in a range of different activities!

In Maths we have now started our daily maths meetings to ensure that our basic maths skills are reinforced on a daily basis in a meaningful and interactive way. During this time the children sing the days of the week song and look at the calendar, count how many children are here each day, revisit basic 2D shapes and much more! We aim to continue to develop the children's confidence in this so that they will soon be able to lead aspects of the meeting.

As soon as December hits, it is CHRISTMAS!!!! This means we will be performing A Little Nativity. This is the traditional tale of the Nativity performed through song and action.






  • 18th November- World nursery rhyme week performance at 9:15am. 
  • 29th November- Christmas fair.
  • Friday 6th- School panto at the Cast theater. 






Well, what can I say, I am so proud of each and every child! We have all settled in to nursery so well! We had a few tears to begin with which are always expected however, the children are now much more confident and are doing fantastically well! 


Over the past couple of weeks we have been focusing on getting to know one another, our new environment, rules and routines. We are beginning to form some really strong relationships already and it is lovely to see. 


Baseline Assessments 


We have been assessing each individual child across the 7 areas of learning to find out what they know. We will then use these assessments to plan next steps and some engaging activities for the children. 


Here are some photos of our first few weeks in school...










We found a frog in our outdoor area so we released him in our forest school...




Please remember that parents evening is on Wednesday 2nd October. Each appointment is 5 minutes. I will endeavour to keep to timings but please be aware that there may be some slight delays. 


Please ensure your child has a spare change of clothes in their bag. 


Thank you 


Have a fantastic weekend 


Miss B x



Welcome to Nursery (FS1)


Here is how this page will work....


I will update this page with things you need to know, such as topics we are covering, important dates  or photos and I will always put the new content at the top. Please don't forget to scroll down however as I never delete the previous information.


Nursery session times


Morning- 8:45am- 11:45am

Afternoon- 12:30pm-:3:30pm


Please ensure that your child/children are collected promptly at these times as lateness can cause great upset to young children and cause a knock on affect to the next session.


We are really excited to meet you and get started on our fun filled journey!


Miss Belnavis and Mrs Bevington 


Who are we???



Miss Belnavis - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Bevington - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Kabesh - Reception Class Teacher and SENCo

Mrs Powell - Reception Teaching Assistant 





Our topic this half term is Marvellous Me. During this first half term we will focus on settling in and getting to know one another. We will be finding out about ourselves and forming friendships with one another. We will also be getting to know our golden rules, new routine and exploring our new school environment. In literacy, emphasis will be placed on our communication and language and early reading skills through nursery rhymes and songs. We will be learning a range of number songs, learning to count and recognise some numbers or personal significance.